Friday, September 5, 2008

seafood feast

K3 ready to eat and me dealing with the fact that I was about to eat shrimp with antenna and eyes. When chewing on the muscles I had to ignore the exposed innards but they were worth it. Take a closer look to get the full effect. I heart seattle



Bailey said...

That is truely disgusting! It makes me gag looking at the pictures, but I don't even like shrip without anntenas and eyeballs. I love your face in the picture! I heart Seattle!

Mindy Hales said...

I am so mad that you were in town and you went to my favorite restaurant without even calling to invite me. (Sure I haven't seen you since you got married, but that is no excuse!!) Are you still in town?

chelsmi said...

It was delicious! This was from a month ago when we came up for a family reunion. I am just slow at posting:)