Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I got my first subpoena today! I am kind of excited about it. I don't really know what I will have to say or do for it yet but I am excited to go to court. My job just keeps getting more and more interesting. I love it!


Scott and Gaby said...

Interesting! You'll have to testify in court? And you're excited about it? And you love your job.. Okay, I think I'm missing something here :) Well, it's nice that your job just keeps getting more and more interesting and you love that part of it!! BTW, what is it for? What happened?

Well, Chelsea, I guess we'll have to stay in Texas and have Totino's pizza for the holiday :)Hehehe It really is a long drive (12 hr plus occasional stops for food and fuel) and Scott isn't up to the challenge. I, too, am tired and I think I'll be sleeping all day tomorrow since tonight is going to be my third night in a row and I'm already beaten! I wanted to see you guys so much, it's been too long and we need to catch up. Maybe next time...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Have fun and eat lots of turkey and pecan pie for me :)

Al Shirley McGinnis said...

Chelsea, your job sounds very exciting. I worry a little about you; although, I know you are a grown up young lady now, not a child. I think it is mandatory that grandmother have be concerned about the grandchildren. Don't you?