Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ten things i cannot live without...

Bailey tagged me a little bit ago but I figured I was still within a reasonable time to justify posting. I will be omitting people from this list and just focusing on the things in my life.

#1 Flat Iron: My hair is pretty unruly so a tool to smooth it out naturally becomes my best friend.

#2 Washing machine: This is the one thing that I really wanted when I got married. I have always loved freshly washed clothes, sheets and towels. It took me going to college and being broke before I ever used a towel more than once.

#3 Computer/Internet: My computer is my lifeline to the world. I hardly go a day with out using it.

#4 A good book: (I stole this idea from Bailey who apparently stole it from her friend) Although I have been in a reading slump I look forward to getting good book recommendations. If any of you need a good classic book to read, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is one of my favorites.

#5 Ice Cream: Yum!

#6 Face Lotion(with SPF15): Did you know that Utah is the second most arid state in the country and has sunny skies the majority of the year?

#7 Electric Blanket: This has already been on my bed for at least three weeks.

#8 Planner: I love making lists and having a planner lets me keep an ongoing check off list. Even if I don’t have anything written/scheduled on a day I just find joy in crossing off that the day is done so bring on the next.

#9 Cute Shoes: There is nothing like a pair of cute, new shoes to revive an old outfit.

#10 Watch: I have never been good at wearing a watch but K3 got me a pretty one for graduation and I never forget to wear it. It makes me feel all grown up.
I tag Ashlyn, Brittany, Nora, Josh, and Lauren F.


Bailey said...

Oh I love my flat iron as well, good one. I also love face lotion SPF 15! I will have to read that book, I need a new one.

Brittany said...
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